Wednesday, January 23, 2019

The same, only different.

A friend of mine made a BLOG post.

[You can read it HERE.]

He brought up some interesting points (GO! Read it.) about evolution and generational changes, and so on and so forth. The bottom line is change.


“Change is the only constant in life.” ~Heraclitus


Personally, I am reluctant to change, but I am open to it. I was raised Presbyterian, and the Presbyterian motto is, “But we’ve never done it that way before.” Presbyterians stereotypically on the surface live up to their nickname of, “The frozen chosen.” Those of us who do not dance are not limited by religious dogma, we just have a sort of stiffness to us that makes it difficult for us to move in a fluid or rhythmic fashion.


But I digress, I set out to speak of change. I am not reluctant to change simply because it has never before been done that way. It is because I am a big fan of the adage, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” This is where I find myself in opposition to change. Change for the sake of change is pointless. Now I am not talking about painting something a different color. By all means, paint the thing a different color, or move it to the other side of the room. But when a system is functioning well, don’t change it. The important thing is to recognize when a system is no longer functioning well. This is where the next generation comes in time after time, and where my whole argument breaks down. We cannot know if a system is working well if it is not periodically tested against external forces. I dislike communicating via text messaging. It is cold and impersonal. However, it is succinct, but that brings up another issue. I feel it is to diminish our communication skills by not typing whole words and dropping punctuation and grammar. This I fear will not change in me. But it doesn’t have to change in me. I however must bring myself to not shun those who use these methods, and as necessary, I must comply. I do not have to type “u” for “you” or “L8” for “Late,” but I will have to learn to read the code and understand the meaning. There will still be communication issues with different generations, and there will be always. But for the love of my children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and perhaps another generation after that, I must be compliant and open to this expediency. It may simply be the natural evolution of our species.


So let us return to the concept of, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” There are circumstances when a system works quite well, and is in no need of repair, but those in charge of that system set out to make changes anyway, sometimes with disastrous results, occasionally intentional. Technology is changing our lives. It is neither good nor bad. It is a simple fact. As technology evolves, we will see change. And technology is evolving. It is no longer that we as a species are making technological advances, but technology itself is making advances. I am not referring to artificial intelligence, although that is coming too. I am talking about that fact that technology is a machine unto itself that is moving forward on its own. We created this binary machine, but binary replication once started is difficult to stop. It is as though technology is using us, rather than how we perceive it as being used by us. Once we rubbed the lamp of technology, we let out the jinn. It is a matter of logical steps. We began with that first integrated circuit in 1958 and soon discovered the nature of binary revolution. We started halving things and doubling them simultaneously. Looking back, the first breakthrough is always profound, but the evolution of the thing after the discovery is relatively simple. It all begins to make perfect sense. It is natural. Yeah, I used the word, “Natural.” Technology is a natural thing. It is part of nature, and I don’t mean the nature of Man. I mean the nature of nature… the Universe. Technology is not an invention, but rather is a discovery of the intricacies in the fabric of the Universe. Mankind, the human species, tends to pervert everything when it tries to dominate and rule. Technology may become our safety net. Technology may evolve into our natural mother, if we do not first manage to pervert it to some use that utterly destroys us.


So, I may have wandered off topic a bit, or not. I am not really sure as I have no idea where I was planning to go with this discourse anyway. Thanks for reading.


Bye bye, and buy bonds.


Matthew said...

I like dinosaurs

John Lee Hunter - Artist said...

NOTE TO X, Y, M, or whatever the sociologists decide to call your respective generation...

Try to remember that it is to us, the Boomers and our parents (or perhaps aliens), that you owe gratitude for this marvelous technology to which you have become so accustomed. We laid the groundwork, and you should be respectful, considerate, and appreciative of that. We will one day go the way of the dinosaurs, and become extinct, but the extinction of the dinosaurs set the course for all that is now human society. We, and our ancestors have done the same for you. You and your progeny will decide in generations to come whether to thank us... or despise us for it.